Engine Switching for the Ordinary User

We’ve been hearing from web developers and designers who appreciate Lunascape because it allows them to test their software in the three major rendering environments without having to open multiple browsers. While we certainly enjoy reducing headaches for developers, the benefits of engine switching are not exclusive to these types of users. Any person surfing the web can benefit from the choice that a “three-in-one” browser provides.

Dave Rosenberg discussed Lunascape last week on his Negative Approach blog at CNET. He recognized that many websites have incompatibilities with specific rendering engine technologies, which “often means a lack of functionality or a flat-out inability to use a site with the wrong browser.” When you come across these sites, should you have to download and open a new browser and start from scratch? Instead, why not use the engine of your choice and be able to easily switch when you come across rendering problems? It’s this choice that equips Lunascape users with the best technology, no matter where they are on the web.

To really understand why this matters to you, check out a short screencast that demonstrates engine switching in action.


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