Some new initiatives #1

Hi guys,

I think I mentioned that we were working on some new stuff at Lunascape, and would like to share that with you.

One of the initiatives is about feedback loop. We’d like to learn more about what users think and had set up uninstall survey. Not that we want you to uninstall it, but if you must, we’d like to know why. It would be great if you could participate, it takes less than 1 minute.

Another initiative worth mentioning here is the community. We are setting up Lunascape facebook page. We have support forum, but believe there are more ways to interact with you wonderful users! We intend to use it as an integrated platform for users all over the world. So don’t freak out if you see languages you don’t understand.

It is still rough (I learned it is not so easy to find the right apps for a page…), but we’d love if you could become fans and participate. You can leave comments, communicate with others, and upload files you created wrt Lunascape.
We’d love to see you all out there and will appreciate any suggestions or comments.

We have more stuff cooking – but that’s for another time.

Until then,


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