Releasing ver 6.1.2 with New Online Help!

Hi guys,

It has been just 10 days since ver 6.1.1 release, but we have another one for you.

This one includes revised Gecko engine (revision – same as Firefox 3.5.9) and about a dozen of bug fixes.(Please check release notes for detail) The reasons we didn’t include Gecko engine for Firefox 3.6.x at this point are some security concern and add-on incompatibility. However, please rest assured that when these issues are cleared up, we will upgrade the engine.

Another big news is that we have revamped Lunascape Help. We had been wanting to do it for so long and I am so happy to present it to you today. It’s a bit rough around the edges, but we will continue to work on the look and content. I hope this new system is much easier for you to use and better enables you to personalize Lunascape exactly the way you want. Let us know what you think – any feedback will be much appreciated.

So take it away and enjoy!


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