Lunascape Version 6.1.4. Release: Urgent Bug Fixes

I feel like we’ve been releasing minor version updates of v.6.1.x pretty often nowadays and hope this is not driving you too crazy… In case if you’re wondering, we will likely to have two more minor updates before going into v.6.2. And today, we’re releasing ver.6.1.4 that includes some urgent bug fixes.

The major bug fix is resolving an Gecko engine specific issue, which pressing the backspace key during text inserts in a form acts as “back” to go back to a previous page in the browser. Some of you might have encountered this issue and got annoyed by it every time your typed-in form gets disappeared using Gecko engine. But it is now over, thank you for your patients waiting for the fix!

Another bug fix is resolving an issue of discoloration of words in the smart engine selection button at particular environments. Believe it or not, I’ve had this issue with my environments and not noticed it is a bug until I’ve upgraded one of my testing environments. So, I bet some of you may not know this is a bug either. To find out what’s been wrong, please see the following images. Who has a word in purple?

Our focus now is to resolve as many open bugs as possible and to optimize speed and process before we move forward to ver. 6.2.x. We hope these upgrades will improve your daily experience of using the Lunascape browser!

Ver. 6.1.4. Release Note


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