Without further ado, here comes the ver 6.2!

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Hi guys,

I know you have been waiting for this quite some time. Version 6.2 is finally here. Let me tell you, this release is intense.

First off, 2 new big features.

#1: We have added a nifty “highlighted search” feature. Simply highlighting any word or phrase will give you a pop-up with search selection. Now you can search or look up a word with just 2 steps. Yes, you could do this by copy & paste to search box or right-clicking in certain engines. However, this is much faster. Just try it – you’ll see how much easier you life gets.

We have further localized search selection for this function. We have not adjusted default setting for existing search box yet, but that kind of house keeping is on its way.

As in everything else with Lunascape, you can customize the search selection to your liking and you can do so in the settings sidebar (Alt+4).

There is one thing we have to warn you and owe you an apology. In the settings, this “highlighted search” function is noted as “trace search” in English and possibly in other languages. It was a mistake on our end. Somehow the literal translation from Japanese got in a way. We’ll straighten this up. So please let us know, if the name is funny in your language as well.

#2: We have added a mighty “swap Gecko engines” feature. Many of you wanted to use 3.6.x Gecko engine, but we have been packing it with 3.5.x for reasons such as security, add-on compatibilities, and so on. So, here is the deal. We have certain recommendations and package our versions that way, but you get to choose which gecko version you’d use with it.  This is still in development and has to be used with caution. Unless you know exactly what you are doing, please do not jump right in. We have added a new Luna Labs page on this blog and put out the details there. If you are interested, please read the page carefully.

Next up is a couple of announcements.

#1: Added translation guidance docs to Lunascape Localizer.  These describe how to deal with special characters and string length specific to languages, as well as walk you through how to find specific Lunascape UI (such as menu) in Localizer. We’ll talk about it in more details at another time, but we are organizing volunteer groups to translate Lunascape to more languages. So if you are interested in helping us localize, please register here.

#2: System requirements changed. Windows 2000 users and Windows XP (without service pack) users, attention please. From this version onward, we no longer support Windows 2000 when you use Gecko or WebKit engines. Additionally, we do not support XP without service pack, when you use Gecko engine.  So, overall, if you’d like to use triple engine, then you gotta have XP SP1 or later, vista, 7, server 2003 or 2008.  If this cause tremendous pain in your situation, please let us know via Support Forum.

Other than that, we have about a dozen of new & improved features and 40 bug fixes. Please check Release Note for details.

We are having a super busy summer and lots of good stuff is cooking. We will be able to share some more exciting news within the next month. So please stay tuned!


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