Tips: Auto-Reload and Double-Click to Close a Tab

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The Lunascape browser is feature-rich. It has many out-of-the-box features to accommodate users’ needs while other browsers have to fill the gap with Add-ons.

One of the great feature is the Auto-Reload.  You can set the Auto-Reload in each tabs and choose preset or custom interval to reload a page automatically. This is very useful in many ways. For instance,  if you are a big fan of a auction site, such as eBay, wanting to watch every seconds of closing bid moment, or if you are hooked on a Social Network Site, such as Facebook, being obsessed over new posts on your wall, or if you are not happy with a loading speed of incoming mails in Webmail.

Right-Click Menu on a Tab

Another great feature is double-click to close a tab. Yes, just double-click on a tab you want to close. It’s that simple. Some users prefer a cleaner look on their tabs, so they decide to hide a close button on the tab title bars and realize “Okay, so what do I do to close a tab?!” Well, eventually they’ll figure it out easily ‘coz double-click to close a tab is so look-and-feel.

In case if you’re wondering how to hide a close button, you can do so by the Lunascape Settings. Go to Tab > General and choose your option from the button settings section.

Have more fun using the Lunascape browser 😀

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