Introducing iLunascape for iPad

Hi Guys,

Today we are happy to announce a new addition to our product family – iLunascape. That is the iPad version of our browser!

It is not “triple engine” and actually quite different to the Lunascape browser your are familiar with. Why?
Well, it’s because browsing on the iPad is fundamentally different from browsing on a PC.

Remember when Steve Jobs announced the iPad early this year, talking about how it was going to be an awesome Internet device?

He was right.

We at Lunascape use more than one, and we agree, they’re really great. We’ve found, though, that it’s a very different experience from working at our desk. Often, we’re browsing the news, tweeting updates, or checking out your comments on the Facebook page while we’re in the living room, watching TV, or taking a break at a cafe. Sometimes it’s in our lap, sometimes we’re holding it above us.

So why would you expect to use your web browser the same way as when you’re sitting at a desk?

You wouldn’t. And that’s why we developed iLunascape – specifically with iPad usage in mind. You’re going to be holding it at the bottom a lot, so we moved all the major actions down to the bottom. (And we named it as “In Reach” interface – as you can access menus and tabs easily while holding the iPad, as well as it is very simple to use for anyone.) You are going to depend more than ever on tab browsing, so we brought over all the real desktop-like tab functions to it.

As this is just a start, the features are rather limited. We will develop it further by listening to your feedback. So, give it a try and let us know what you think. It is free.

P.S. As you are probably aware, this is our first endeavor to create on non-Windows platform. We hope this shows a bit of progress on our end for those of you waiting for the Mac version:-)


2 thoughts on “Introducing iLunascape for iPad

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