Lunascape Version 6.3 Release: New Installer, Localized Search Engines, and Gecko Upgrade to 3.5.11

We’re releasing a Lunascape ver.6.3. today!  The significant change is our installer, which now consolidates different languages versions into one. You can select your language from the drop-down box at the very beginning of the installation wizard.

You’ll see this dialogue only if you’re newly installing the Lunascape ver.6.3, or upgrading from ver.6.2  to ver.6.3  with different language selection.  For more information, you can check the FAQ – Installer looks different in v.6.3. What’s going on? in the Lunascape Help.

Another nice change in this release is localized Search Engines. As mentioned at the blog entry for ver.6.2. announcement, the Lunascape now comes with tailored Search Engines for each languages as a default, making users’ daily browser operations easier. Of cause, you can still add or delete the Search Engines for your convenience, but this is another ‘productivity boost’ features that we offer following after the Highlighted Search.

We have worked on 108 bug fixes with this version, plus renewed our download icon . Moreover, it comes with an upgraded version of Gecko 3.5.11. with an option to swap it to Gecko 3.6.8. (download available from the Luna Lab).

For more details, please refer to the release note. We hope you’ll enjoy it!!

We have another announcement coming up tomorrow, so please stay tuned 😀


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