Lunascape Version 6.3.1 Release: Responding to the Windows Vulnerability

We’re releasing the Lunascape  version 6.3.1 today, corresponding the vulnerability notes VU#707943 released by the US-CERT (United States Comupter Emergency Readiness Team) on August 25th, 2010.

Vulnerability Notes VU#707943:

Microsoft Windows based applications may insecurely load dynamic libraries


Some applications for Microsoft Windows may use unsafe methods for determining how to load DLLs. As a result, these applications can be forced to load a DLL from an attacker-controlled source rather than a trusted location.

Lunascape 6.3.1 is implemented a protection against the vulnerability of Microsoft Windows and has 5 bug fixes. We highly recommend upgrading your Lunascape browser. Also, we’ve updated the Gecko engine 3.6.8 for Lunascape ver. 3.6.1. IF you’d like the Gecko engine swap, please get the updated version of the Gecko engine through the Luna Labs. Hope you all will enjoy it.


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