Here comes the much-awaited…!

Hi guys,

We have another big news today. Drumroll, please… Our iPhone version is out! It’s called “iLunascape Lite for iPhone.” It’s clean, intuitive, and, fast.

This is an addition to our new browser product family, iLunascape, that is specifically designed for “i” devices. With the iPhone version, we bring desktop-style tabbed browsing to the Smartphone with a unique InReach interface, taking into account its portability and small screen area constraints.

As we introduced with the iPad version, InReach interface is our take on the optimal UI on such portable devices. Tabs and menus are clustered down near the bottom of the screen so that you can easily navigate while naturally holding the devices.

For the iPhone, we added a few more things to make your browsing experience right. One is “thumb slide” capability, allowing you to switch between tabs easily and quickly in the small screen. You can also hide tab, title, and address bars to further maximize the limited screen real estate. Another one is Online Bookmarks feature, which enables you to access your bookmarks on Lunascape and Firefox desktop browsers from your iPhone.

As we announced earlier today, this Online Bookmarks feature is being built-in for v 6.5 and you can test it with the released beta. While the sync is both ways between desktop browsers, this initial iPhone version can only access (i.e. no edits from iPhone side) to uploaded bookmarks. We will make it really “sync” shortly and that feature will come to the iPad version as well, so please stay tuned.

We hope many of you try out our iPhone version and let us know what you like and don’t like.

When we introduced iPad version this summer, it jumped to #1 in the Free Utility category overnight on the App Store in the US, and ranked #1 in the Free Overall category in five countries (Japan, France, Spain, Israel, and Taiwan). We certainly hope to exceed that with iPhone version, but we just have to cross our fingers for now…

At any rate, it’s free, so no excuses. Download it already. 😉


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