Lunascape 6.5 Beta 1: Test Drive the New Features!

Lunascape ver.6.5 Beta is now available for download and to take it out for a spin! This beta 1 gives you a preview of two main features that we’re planning to build in; Online Bookmarks and Quick Dial. Your feedback is indispensable to brush them up and get us ready to finalize the product. We’re planning to release beta 2 before its official release, so please give us as much feedback as you can to improve the quality of our services.

Online Bookmarks

Bookmarks Becomes Portable

This enables you to access to your bookmarks from anywhere with the Internet connection. You can sync Online bookmarks between Firefox and Lunascape browsers, or access it through Apple’s iPhone, iPad(*1) and iPod touch using iLunascape browser on-the-go.

Step 1: Install Lunascape 6.5 Beta

Step 2: Sync or Setup your Online Bookmarks

  • From the Menu Bar, go to View > Sidebars > Online Bookmarks and click Settings to create or log into an account. You can view, edit and add Online Bookmarks and sync.

Step 3: Access to your Online Bookmarks

  • From iLunascape
    • Tap Bookmarks > Online > Connect to log in and access to your Online Bookmarks.
  • From Firefox
    • Use the Firefox Sync to log in and access to your Online Bookmarks.


You can …

  • Sync your Online Bookmarks from both ends using Firefox Sync account or Online Sync account
    • Log in with your Firefox Sync account if you already have one, or create a new account through Lunascape Online Sync to log in
  • Add pages to your Online Bookmarks from;
    • Click [Add] button on the Online Bookmarks Sidebar
    • Drag & drop from the Address bar
  • Copy your Favorites lists to Online Bookmarks by drag & drop pages from the Favorites list
    • Existing Favorites and this new Online Bookmarks are two different things
  • Edit your Online Bookmarks from Lunascape and/or Firefox browser
    • Online Bookmarks can’t be edited from the current version of iLunascape Lite for iPhone

Quick Dial

Fast Access to Your Favorite Sites

You can now visually manage your favorite sites with Quick Dial. It shows the most visited pages and recently closed tabs, and you can choose and decide what to keep on this view.

Step 1: Launch Lunascape 6.5 Beta

Step 2: View your Quick Dial

  • From the Menu bar, go to View > Sidebars > Settings and select Quick Dial under the Add-on folder in the Sidebar.


You can …

  • Lock pages to or delete pages from the Quick Dial view
  • Set it as a default page to show when opening a new tab (from Lunascape Settings > General > General Settings, select Open Quick Dial under the Home Page section)
  • Set it as a default page to start at Lunascape browser start up (from Lunascape Settings > General > General Settings, select Open Quick Dial under the Startup section)

We hope you’ll like these new features and also try our iLunascape browser for iPhone, iPad(*1) and iPod touch!

*1: For the iLunascape (Web Browser) for iPad, Online Bookmarks will be available from version 1.3.


6 thoughts on “Lunascape 6.5 Beta 1: Test Drive the New Features!

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  2. I still don’t understand how to enable online bookmarks in iLunascape for iPad 1.50 using my Firefox Sync account info.

      • At the risk of sounding like a total newbie, how about a step-by-step of how I sync my Firefox 3.6.15 bookmarks (on a Mac Snow Leopard 10.6.6 platform – so I can’t install the Windows version of Lunascape) so that I can use them in iLunascape on an iPad.


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