Online Bookmarks now Available to iLunascape for iPad

We’re glad to announce that you can now use Online Bookmarks with iLunascape for iPad.  In case if you’re not familiar with, the Online Bookmarks is one of the new iLunascape features, which allows you to view and access to your Favorites/Bookmarks lists on Lunascape (desktop) browser and Firefox browser via iLunascape. This feature is first made available to the iLunascape Lite for iPhone ver. 1.0.0, and now we’re extending the feature to the iLunascape for iPad ver.1.3.0. You’ll need to have an account to access to your Online Bookmarks. You can create one from Lunascape (desktop) browser 6.5 Beta version using the Online Sync feature or Firefox browser through Firefox Sync add-on/feature. Try it yourself and make your Bookmarks portable.

We’ve also added ‘Save Image’ options and Bookmarklet support along with several bug fixes.

For details, please go to the iLunascape for iPad product site or check out the release note.


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