Lunascape version 6.4.1 Release: Online Bookmarks, Gecko Upgrade and More.

Thanks to many positive feedback on the 6.5 beta. We’ve decided to move the schedule forward and to release Lunascape 6.4.1, which includes most of the new features introduced in the beta, today.

As many of you know, one of the new features is Online Bookmarks that allow you to bring your bookmarks with your iPhone or iPad. You can get access to your Online Bookmarks via  iLunascape anytime. Also, you can sync your Online Bookmarks with the Firefox and from both ends using the Firefox Sync or the Lunascape’s Online Sync account. You can learn more on what you can do with the Online Bookmarks in the old entry.

The next major change is a much-anticipated upgrade of the Gecko engine to the Firefox 3.6 series. The 6.4.1 has Gecko version that corresponds to the Firefox version 3.6.13. As a result, we’re temporary closing the ‘choose your own Gecko’ project on the Luna Labs and recommend users to use the upgraded Gecko (Firefox 3.6 series) with Lunascape.

Another change is in the Lunascape Settings dialogue. Some of the options are shuffled around and re-categorized in such a way that hopefully makes more sense to users, for now…. We plan to refresh the appearance and layout of the dialogue in a future release, so your feedback are welcome.

Last but not least, the Lunascape 6.4.1 is one of the first official release that includes translations made by volunteers. Yes, that’s right. Your contributions have made this version more complete! Thank you so much to those volunteers who has made it happen. We’ll create a thank you page on our Web site and list names of the contributors to show our appreciation. Translations made through the Lunascape Localizer will be kept reflected in every releases of Lunascape (the official global version and Europe language versions) from now on. If interested, please register yourself at the Lunascape Localizer.

We’ve also released an update of iLunascape Lite for iPhone (ver. 1.1.2) today. It has the Firefox Sync 1.6 support, so incompatibility between different versions is addressed, and you should have no issue accessing to your Online Bookmarks.

Hope you’ll enjoy this new release of Lunascape 6.4.1 and iLunascape Lite for iPhone 1.1.2.


2 thoughts on “Lunascape version 6.4.1 Release: Online Bookmarks, Gecko Upgrade and More.

  1. Hi,
    It’s a great app! But I just can not understand how to get a sync key for Online Bookmarks (via Firefox Sync). Could you please inform me how to generate this? Thanks!

    • Hi gravesen,

      Thanks for using Lunascape.

      You can use the Online bookmarks to sync with your Firefox bookmarks, or you can export the bookmarks in HTML file to your IE and then to import it to the Lunascape.

      Using the Online Bookmarks
      1. From the Menu bar, select View > Sidebars > Online Bookmarks
      2. In the Online Bookmarks view, select the Setting icon
      3. If you already have a FF Sync account, you can use it to connect or if you don’t, you can create one.
      4. In FF, you need to sync your bookmarks to the FF sync account in order to sync from the online bookmarks

      for more details you can visit this site.

      Hope this helps.


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