Lunascape ver. 6.4.4 Release: Gecko Roll Back to 3.5 Series

Since the release of Lunascape ver.6.4.1, we’ve received some similar issue reports from users.  They are to have either 1) an error massage “Failed to load data. Data may be corrupted. This is an invalid XML” after an installation/update or 2) the Gecko download or loading hangs or 3) both. Many of you may not have these issues because they only occur to a certain environment, which runs Windows XP SP3. However, this does not mean all Windows XP SP3 users, who use Lunascape 6.4.1 or later, encounter these issues neither… it’s only some of them.

Our development team has been working on the fix for a while and figured those issues occur to the Lunascape with Gecko 3.6 series. We will be fixing them in a Lunascape 6.5 official release, but meanwhile, we have decided to release Lunascpae 6.4.4 with Gecko 3.5 series to compensate for the issues.

Lunascpae 6.4.4 has Gecko engine that is equivalent to Firefox 3.5.17. If you prefer to stay using Gecko 3.6 series, you may choose not to update to this version, or you can download a Gecko 3.6.14 for Lunascape 6.4.4 from the Luna Labs.


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