Lunascape ver. 6.5.0 Release: Major Webkit Update

Finally, here comes the Lunascape version 6.5.0 official release!

It has been a while since we first released the 6.5.0 beta last winter, but here we are. We have finally made it.

Unfortunately, a quick dial, one of the main features we have planned to add in this version, has been postponed to version 6.6.0., but we have made a major update on the Webkit engine (revision 80840) and fixed quite many engine-related bugs with this 6.5.0 official release. In fact, our performance with the engine has improved by 20%  in speed according to the Sunspider JavaScript Benchmark.  Also, we have updated the Gecko engine to revision, which is equivalent to the Firefox version 3.6.17. I am sure you will have better browsing experience with the Lunascape Webkit engine. Please give it a try to let us hear what you think!

Lunascape 6.5.0 official version download



One thought on “Lunascape ver. 6.5.0 Release: Major Webkit Update

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