iLunascape 3.0 Release: Universal App, In Page Search, Highlight Search and Translate, etc.

It has been a while since we last updated the iLunascape for iPad, but here it is! From this updates on, iLunascape has become a universal app. What this means is that the iPad version of iLunascape users will have quite a lot of feature updates with this release of iLunascape 3.0, such as, Dropbox and Read It Later integration, File Manager, Download feature, Save Page, User Agent, Print features and so on. Also, we will keep both iPhone/iPod touch and iPad versions to have the same feature updates from now on.

What is new for those who are using the iLunacape for iPhone? Well, you now can take advantage of “highlight Search and Translate,” which allows you to highlight a word(s) or a sentence(s) to search the Web or translate to your choice of iOS language. It works easy just like how you highlight to cut or copy words with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. And, this is one of the many features that Lunascape (desktop browser) users loves. With the iLunascape 3.0, you can also “Find In Page” that highlights search words in a page.

This updates may cause a little confusion to the current users due to the change we have made to make both apps universal. We have two separate applications, “iLunascape Lite for iPhone” and “iLunascape for iPad”. Now, from this release, both apps has become universal and changed the app name as follows:

  • iLunascape Lite for iPhone –> iLunascape Lite
  • iLunascape for iPad –> iLunascape

With iLunascape 3.0/iLunascape Lite 3.0, both apps has same features. However, our plan is to make more feature updates on the iLunascape, and keep the iLunascape Lite as a light version of the iLunascape. So, hopefully those who has used the iLunascape Lite for iPhone will download the iLunascape 3.0 to use instead of updating to iLunascape Lite 3.0. We are planning to offer some sort of migration tool to help you transfer your bookmarks from iLunascape Lite to iLunascape in near future releases.

We hope you will have a great Web browsing experience with this new iLunascape Web browser!

Download iLunascape 3.0


2 thoughts on “iLunascape 3.0 Release: Universal App, In Page Search, Highlight Search and Translate, etc.

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