Lunascape 6.5.4 released with updated WebKit and more

It’s almost the end of the summer here in the US… Time flies, huh? We hope you had a great one in any case.

We just released newer version of Lunascape today. There are 2 new things with it. One is that WebKit engine is updated to revision 91436. The other is that “Go to URL” function is added to Highlighted Search, which you will see when you highlight some text.

These 2 new goodies don’t come straightforward, however, and we apologize for that. When you use WebKit, you may still see a message something like “your browser is out of date” in some applications. The problem is that our user agent for WebKit engine is sometime not recognized properly, and we’d have to overhaul the grammar of it. We’ll work on that in subsequent releases so that such a message won’t scare you away.

As for the change to Highlighted Search, it doesn’t appear automatically for those of you who update Lunascape from earlier versions and we’d need to ask you to do the following steps.

1. Select View – Sidebar – Settings
2. Right-click “Highlighted Search” in the Settings sidebar and select “Reset”
3. If you have changed settings such as the default search engine for this function, these settings will also be reset. Please perform your settings once again, after resetting the Highlight Search function as above.

In addition to these, we have fixed several bugs. Please check out the Release Note for details – the bug that has been annoying you might have been fixed!

The next update should come in about 3 weeks, so please stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “Lunascape 6.5.4 released with updated WebKit and more

    • You can use the same installer for Portable. Just choose portable installation when you go through the wizard!

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