Gecko security fix in Lunascape 6.5.8

Hi everyone!

We have updated the Gecko engine in Lunascape again, this time to rv:, corresponding to Firefox 3.6.24.

This update provides improved stability and addresses some important security issues, so make sure you upgrade your browser today!

See the Release Notes.



3 thoughts on “Gecko security fix in Lunascape 6.5.8

  1. Thanks for the update. Updates to the gecko engine are very much needed, lunascape is falling behind.
    Also I do not like the new message board…why would you give up your own board? The new board is awful!
    I do like Lunascape but I would like to ask if you could work on making it less sluggish… when you have a lot of tabs open or are trying to do thins really fast Lunascape seems to crawl along and a teeth-grinding pace. Could you work on it somehow?

    Also…I know you guys are waiting on users to make some lunascape add ons but I think it would make the browser look a whole lot better if you made 4 or 5 yourself first…because right now it looks Lunascape doesn’t care enough to put any effort into the Lunascape cross-engine add ons. So it would just look better for the browser if you did so.
    Keep up the good work with Lunascape.

    • Hi Ogre,

      Thanks for using Lunascape, and thank you for your comments.

      Indeed we are currently planning to review the performance of Lunascape, and investigate how it can be improved. We are also aware that the Gecko engine is old, and we are planning a major update for a future release.

      Thanks also for your comments concerning the message board. Several factors influence our decisions on what tools to use, but our highest priority is to make it easy for our users to communicate with us. So your opinion is very important to us, and we will investigate ways to improve our service.

      About add-ons, I regret to say that for various reasons we are currently not planning any such development. However, I’d like to stress that this is not out of indifference; we very much hope that enthusiastic users will continue to contribute great add-ons, and we furthermore believe that this creates a sense of community among our users as well as between Lunascape Corporation and our users.

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