Lunascape 6.6.0 released today

Hi everyone!

Today we released Lunascape 6.6.0, available to download from the Lunascape official site.

In this release, the Gecko engine has been updated to rv., which corresponds to Firefox 3.6.25, and the WebKit engine has been updated to revision 95080.

If you find any bugs, or if you have questions, please contact us via our support forum.

The Release Notes are available here.



7 thoughts on “Lunascape 6.6.0 released today

    • please!!!!!!
      lunascape is the best browser for sure. please will lunascape reconsider a port for linux??! must be a work-around for trident, or, could that function be omited?

      • Hi Mark carter,

        Thanks for using lunascape.

        Sorry to inform, currently we have no plans to develop the Lunascape browser for Linux platforms.


  1. I wish they’d do a Linux version without Trident. The tab functions of Lunascape are the absolute best. I’m becoming a Linux convert…but I’m going to miss Luna.

    • Hi tathater,

      Thanks for using lunascape and liking our products

      And also thanks for your suggestions.

      Currently, we are not planning to develop the lunascape for Linux platforms, however we have added your request in our wish list for future enhancement of our products.


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