Hidekazu Kondo

Co-founder, CEO

Published tab browser named “Lunascape” in August 2001 while at in Waseda University. Joined Sony Corporation after graduating the university in 2002. Left Sony in March 2003 and carried out the research on next-generation web browser at Waseda University Graduate School. Established Lunascape Corporation in August 2004 while pursuing PhD and became the President. Lunascape project has been adopted as an “Exploratory Software Project” sponsored by Japanese government. Opened a branch office in Silicon Valley, USA in June 2008. In December same year, “Lunascape5 Genesis” English version was introduced in USA.


2002 Best Author Prize, Information Processing Society of Japan
2003 Super Creator, IPA (Information-Technology Promotion Agency, Japan)
2004 Microsoft Fellowship Awards
2005 Software Product of the Year 2005 in Japan
2007 Microsoft Innovation Award 2007