Online Sync

About Lunascape Online Sync

Online Bookmarks Overview

The Online Bookmarks feature from Lunascape allows you to synchronize your bookmarks information between Lunascape browsers, Firefox browsers, and iLunascape browsers installed on various devices.
This service is made compatible with Firefox Sync Service, provided by Mozilla Foundation. Lunascape develops and provides client software to access the Firefox Sync Service by utilizing Firefox Sync APIs authorized and provided by Mozilla. For the Terms of Service of the syncing service, please refer to Firefox Sync Terms of Service.

Data stored on and transmitted to/from Mozilla’s and other servers by Lunascape Online Sync Client

Lunascape client encrypts your data to transmit to/from Mozilla’s and other servers of your choice in a way that conforms to Firefox Sync protocol. Lunascape does not have a server for this purpose and does not store your data in its environment.

Use of Existing Firefox Sync Account

As Lunascape Online Sync feature is compatible with Firefox Sync Service, you may use your existing Firefox Sync account to use the service. When you use the Firefox Sync Service from Firefox Sync add-on or feature on Firefox browser, this means that you are using Firefox Sync client provided by Mozilla, therefore Mozilla’s Firefox Sync Terms of Service and Privacy Policy may apply. When you use Online Bookmarks feature of iLunascape or Lunascape browser to access or sync with the data, this means you are using Lunascape Online Sync client.

Lunascape Online Sync Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains to what extent Lunascape Corporation collects and uses information about users of Online Sync feature.

Account Information

Before you are able to access Online Sync feature via Lunascape client, you will be required to register. To register, the Online Sync service will require your email address, username, password, and sync key (secret phrase). Lunascape will not make any of these information public. Your username and email address are transferred to Mozilla’s and other servers of your choice using encryption called SSL and managed by them. Your email address may be used by Mozilla and other server management entity of your choice to provide you the services, such as to help you recover your account if you lose your password. Your password is transferred to Mozilla and other server management entity of your choice using SSL encryption. Your sync key (secret phrase) resides on your computer and is not transmitted to either Lunascape or to Mozilla’s and other servers.

Encrypted User Data

Lunascape Online Sync feature encrypts your data (such as bookmarks) on your computer and uploads encrypted data over the network using SSL in a way that conforms to Firefox Sync protocol.

Data Stored and Utilized by Mozilla’s Server

Please refer to Firefox Sync Privacy Policy.