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This is the place where we share with Lunascape community what our development team is working on and release alpha, beta, and some crazy ideas from time to time to get your feedback.



Triple Engine Projects

1. Choose Your Own Gecko [Temporary Opened]

We’ve reopened this project for Lunascape ver 6.4.4 and 6.4.5. You can download the latest Gecko 3.6 series from the list below .


Thanks very much for your feedback since the start of this project. As we shifted our Gecko engine to Firefox 3.6 series with Lunascape 6.4.x, we’ve put this project on the back-burner. That being said, we hope to build-in a mechanism where you can update Gecko and WebKit engines separately from Lunascape core. So please stay tuned. [Jan 20, 2011]

====================Original posts below==============================

We are introducing a new exciting feature that lets you change versions of Gecko engine independently from Lunascape.

Cool, huh? Please note however that it is still in the experimental stage and you cannot just bring in whatever gecko engine you want. There are specific set of Gecko engines you can use to swap with the Gecko engine packaged with Lunascape version 6.2. This time, we have prepared ver 3.6.4 for you to try swaping.

Here is how to swap from 3.5.10 to 3.6.4.

  1. Install Lunascape 6.2 [pls install appropriate Lunascape version for the Gecko engines you’d like to apply]
  2. Close Lunascape (Do not forget this step. Very important!)
  3. Save and replace GeckoOnlineSetup.exe at the folder where Lunascape is installed (“plugins\{9BDD5314-20A6-4d98-AB30-8325A95771EE}”)
  4. Run GeckoOnlineSetup.exe

To swap back to 3.5.1, go to our website and run a full version of installer. This will run as a repair mode.


GeckoOnlineSetup.exe for 3.6.4 is available below in each language.


Let us remind you once again that this is still in the development and not officially supported yet. This may cause some unexpected troubles to the browser or to your machine.

[Updated July 27, 2010]


With the release of Lunascape version 6.3, you can now choose to swap your Gecko engine from 3.5.11 to 3.6.8. The steps are the same as described above, but you need to select the installer according to your current Lunascape language version.

[Updated August 24, 2010]


Here is the updated Gecko 3.6.8 for Lunascape version 6.3.1.

[Updated September 24, 2010]


Here is the updated Gecko 3.6.10 for Lunascape version 6.3.2.

[Updated October 06, 2010]


Here is the updated Gecko 3.6.12 for Lunascape version 6.3.4.

[Updated December 02, 2010]


Here is the updated Gecko 3.6.14 for Lunascape version 6.4.4.

[Updated March 22, 2011]


Here is the updated Gecko 3.6.16 for Lunascape version 6.4.5.

[Updated March 30, 2011]



6 thoughts on “Luna Labs

  1. It’s awesome. But where can i directly download the webkit137(Safari)? I need that directly without installing that.. for back up.

    • Hi BlacMoon,

      This attempt is for the Gecko engine only, so you’ll need to use the Webkit engine comes with the Lunascape official release.

      Thank you,

  2. This is very exciting feature for web developers… Waiting eagerly to see this in action..

  3. I managed to Install the latest Gecko plugin on Lunascape 6.4.5 & It was easy to Install & it’s working fine for me, Keep up the great work Lunascape team I I have finally found my perfect browser.

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