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Lunascape is looking for someone to help us translate Lunascape to other language(s).

If you’re interested in volunteering, please register yourself through the Lunascape Localization Platform.

Please understand the localization project is currently divided into different phases, and you may not be able to work on the localization right away depending on your participated languages.

Thank you for your participation!

The Lunascape Support Team

69 thoughts on “Volunteer Registration

    • U wordt verwelkomd te nodigen en ons volledige Nederlandse vertaling te helpen.

      #You’re welcomed to join and help us complete the Dutch translation.

  1. hello, i can translate in slovenian language.
    Lahko prevedem v slovenski jezik

  2. Hi I would like to know whether this has ever ше browser Bulgarian translation? Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays.

  3. I would like to translate the Browser into Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong Version), because the Taiwan Version some of vocabulary does not mean that in Hong Kong…

  4. Hi

    I want support your product

    And translate your software into Arabic

    If not translated to Arabic

    If supports multiple languages

    and UTF-8 encoding

    I hope accepting my invitation with the full support for your software

    please replay with agree or disagree,

    MFM Dawdeh

    • Hi MFM Dawdeh, you’re welcomed to sign up in the Lunascape localizer to start translation product into Arabic. The Arabic language is available for translation already.

      • Regards
        I have been completing the translation of the Arabic language to the browser
        But I found some sentences appear in English
        The number of translated strings 2294 series
        Is it an e-mail sent to the Arabic language file you

      • Hi MFM Dawdeh,

        Thanks for participating in the Arabic translation. We appreciate your support. As a registered user, you’ll only have “suggest” privilege, so until those suggestions are approved, the original wording looks like being remained as English. Is this what you’re reporting about? If not, do let me know more details.

  5. Maybe I can translate in Filipino, i want you to make one for Filipinos. I saw what google.ph did, its just some simple word, maybe i can do that for you. Just let me know if you want to by emailing me. Thanks! ^_^

    • Hi Nap, you’re welcomed to join and sign up in the Lunascape localizer. Select Filipinos in your account information, so that we know how many of volunteers are willing to translate into the language. Once it reaches to a certain number, then we’ll make Filipino available for translation in the Lunascape localizer.

  6. j’aimerais essayer de traduire en Ukrainien
    ou aider pour les traductions en russe

    I would like to try, translate into Ukrainian
    or help with translations in Russian

    • Hi hpbaxter, you’re welcomed to join and sign up in the Lunascape localizer. Select Ukrainien in your account information, so that we know how many of volunteers are willing to translate into the language. Once it reaches to a certain number, then we’ll make Ukrainien available for translation in the Lunascape localizer. Russian is already available for translation, so you can start participating immediately after registering yourself into the Lunascape Localizer.

  7. je ne parle que francais et je voudrait traduction dans la barre d’outil je ne comprend rien

  8. Hello, I would be pleased, to translate from English into German.
    Levels: German – emphasised native language / English – nearly native speaker ability (Living in the USA – 8 years).

    Kind regards, Sandra

  9. I speak English, a smattering of Spanish but I am so excited that there must be something I can do to help even if it is in English. I just discovered Lunascape tonight I am embarrassed to say but I haven’t been this excited since the first time I downloaded Netscape 4.8 standalone! Sadly that is the last time I thought a browser rocked. This is truly really good news to see people excited about a browser again. Good for Japan…The world is such a smaller place than it ever was anyway. If you can’t use my skills for now, that is ok. Keep me in mind I am not shy as you can see. Great Great software.

  10. Hi
    You have successfully completed the full translation browser Lunascape6 and I use it now
    Really distinctive program and reasonable speed
    How do I send a file with your translation and adoption
    Did you e-mail support for sending the file
    Something else for for my email it is a breakthrough
    I maraslti to the following mail
    If it be

    MFM Dawdeh

  11. i would like to participate in the Armenian Translation of Lunascape. we need a new web browser in Armenia

    • Thanks! We have noted that there is a request for Vietnamese. Will let you know when it is added.

    • Hi mfm,
      Wow, you finished Arabic translation! I guess you did it outside of our localizer system.
      It also appears that we had some lapse of communication regarding this and we apologize for that.
      I will have an appropriate Lunascape team member contact you shortly. Thanks!

  12. Lütfen Türkçe(Turkish) Dil seçeneğini ekleyiniz. (Please add the Turkish language option)

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